What's JumpChat all about?


Have you ever...

wanted to quickly chat face to face with someone but spend more time fiddling with settings than chatting? Have you forgotten your password to your account right before you are about to do a call? Ever wish there was a better solution?

With JumpChat, it's easy to chat with someone. No accounts or settings to play with. Just start a JumpChat and send the link to you friends. When your friend clicks on the link, he or she will instantly join your JumpChat.

Well, I'm interested. Tell me more.

JumpChat is built on top of WebRTC, a browser-to-browser API backed by the W3C to allow video chat, file sharing, and text messages without plugins. This allows a few interesting features.

  • 1. No video, voice, text messages, or shared files pass through our servers

    Our servers don't touch a single byte of video data, voice data, file data, or text messages that happen in a JumpChat. The data is sent directly to other JumpChatters.

  • 2. Everything is encrypted

    WebRTC encrypts all the messages sent out to prevent eavesdroppers from listening into your conversation. WebRTC uses SRTP as the encryption protocol. Don't believe it? Take a look at the code.

  • 3. Most modern browsers support it

    Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera fully support WebRTC. Chrome, Firefox, and Safari on the mobile platform is also supported

Say no more, I'm sold!

Go ahead and click on the link below to start a JumpChat!